How To Easily Add Any Email Using Gmail App.

How To Easily Add Any Email Using Gmail App.

Managing all your emails under one account makes life a little easier. Even with a non-gmail account you can have the same benefits using the Gmail app. In this video and guide, I’m going to show you step on how to add any email account to Gmail App.

Assuming you already have the Gmail app installed on your device with at least one Gmail email account, you can follow these steps. Watch the video for a visual guide.

How to manage gmail app with any email account

Step by Step Guide.

  1. Select your profile icon in the top right corner.
  2. Scroll to bottom of page and select ‘Add Another Account.’
  3. Set Up Email: Select ‘Other.’
  4. Add the email address you wish to import. (EX:
  5. What type of account is this? Select Personal (IMAP)
  6. Enter the password you entered when you created the account or provided by your hosting email service.

7. Add the incoming SMTP server name if the Gmail app did not include it already. The server name is often the domain name extension IE:,, or what ever the email server name is.

8.) Validate incoming server. Either you will move to the next step once validation is completed or you will receive an error. Most errors are related to password typos so make sure the proper characterization is correct like upper & lower case, numbers and symbols.

9) Outgoing Server Setting in most cases will be the same as the incoming SMTP server settings (step7).

10) Account Options: Sync Frequency should be every 15 minutes unless you receive a high volume of incoming emails. Check: Notify me when email arrives. Check: Sync email for this account. I always uncheck automatic attachment downloads of WI-FI connection to prevent unwanted spam and possible phishing attempts with PDF’s or Photos.

Congratulations! Your email is now set up and ready. You can now toggle between email accounts by clicking the upper right icon/profile anytime. You can also select ‘read all’ and the app will display all inbox emails at once.

It is important you understand you are syncing the email to your device therefore, if you delete an email it will also delete it in the email box too.

For instructions that Google provides or if you have further issues importing your email account you can read more here.